“You have to paint everyday . . .”

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arches at sonnenbergBeautiful Sonnenberg Gardens, Canandaigua, NY, hosted the 2014 Finger Lakes Plein Air Completion exhibit.  The lush grounds of Sonnenberg Mansion is a winning canvas all by itself.  Working artists dotted the grounds.  People gathered to watch them working.  It was exciting to see true masters in the process of creating. The pictures below are from the atrium exhibit which was a two-hour start to finish

competition.  It was amazing to see what these experts could produce in just two hours.  I was in awe.

Vincent Crotty

“…an Irish-born artist living in Boston.  regarded for his landscape and figurative paintings, he paints with fluid brushtrokes, sensitive color and a remarkable understanding of light . . .” V.Crotty painting

Sharon Crute

“Branded as a ‘dynamic’ equine artist, I was asked to paint ‘live’ in the paddock at Saratoga Race Course . . . thus began my passionate love for plain air painting.” Crute painting

Remember . . . just two hours!!

John Caggiano

“… former president and board member of the Rockport Art Association.  He has maintained a gallery on Berskin Neck in Rockport Mass. since 1981. John’s greatest joy is to paint with dedicated colleagues who also live and breathe art.” J.Caggiano painting

Roland E. Stevens

“I search for natural subject matter that presents an interesting challenge, frequently changing the focal point of interest by how I apply color.   The challenge and is in not recording all the facts, but in trying to capture a likeness while experiencing a unique and unpredictable outcome.” R Stevens watercolor

Kirk Larsen

“. . .Grand prize & collector’s Choice – Easels in Frederick, 2012.  For me, the best thing about being an artist is that I have the joy of painting that which I love and  knowing that a collector may experience the joy of my art in their life.” Larson painting   A glass of wine, a little cheese, beautiful surroundings, and good friends made this art excursion a wonderful afternoon of art appreciation. The main point I took away was R.Stevens’ challenge,  “. . .you have to paint everyday.”  Isn’t that key for us as artists?  Let’s catch the creative bug from these greats and get working!

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