Perhaps A Touch of Magic?

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DSC04039“If it ain’t broke . . . don’t fix it,” I always say.

There are certain things that just ‘work’ in my studio.  Sure more sophisticated supplies exist on the market, but some things just can’t be replaced.  Perhaps it’s sentiment, or superstition,  who knows?

My green cup.

It would be easier to work with a larger water container, but this cup has history, and perhaps a touch of magic.DSC04053

My cat likes it too.  Luckily, I have two identical cups: 1. for paint water, 2. for Scarlet, the rescue cat.

I had one apron that got so heavy with paint (from using it like a rag)  I had to toss it.

Big shirts and loose pants are a must, too.  I sit for hours working on a project, if I wore my usual jeans I’d lose all blood flow to my feet.  Not pretty.

Anyway, my studio and all it’s quirky choices, is my creative-heaven.

Do you have favorites in your studio?  Tell me about them.

Whatever keeps you making art is a happy thing,  Marji


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