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The highlight of my trip was walking into a local art gallery in Winchester.  I was hunting for the current “masters” and happily found a few at Bell Fine Art Gallery.

art shop 1


I asked the store clerk if I could photograph the pictures to show to my art community, happily she agreed.

Rob Van Hoek is a Dutch landscape painter with a wonderfully unique, contemporary expression.  These pictures unfortunately do not capture the rich tones and texture of his paintings.

Artshop 8 dutch painter 2He shares his method:  “On the canvas I put at least 5 or 6 layers of white, gesso-like paint.  The brush strokes of these layers give a nice structure.  Because I use transparent oil paint in several very thin layers, the structure remains visible, adding much atmosphere to the painting.  Instead of adding the paint precisely with a brush, I work the other way around; I put on a lot of paint and then carefully remove some of it, while “drawing” in the wet paint with a brush, the backside of a brush, a clothe, a tissue, a Q-tip or whatever is suitable for making the lines, forms, dots.etc.”

The titles of his paintings are inspired from songs, Jazz and pop music.  His selection is carefully chosen from his rich knowledge of music, lyrics and song titles.  “Sometimes I make a painting with a particular song line in mind.”

This is a clear example of how all the arts are intertwined. Rob is in tune with the world around him, an art form in itself, and has the ability to translate it into rich, inspiring and beautiful artwork.  “The patterns, lines, rhythms and shapes of harvested fields, a line of trees along a road, a solitaire tree in a field, the houses which liven up the countryside; these are a few items that make the cultivated landscape so inspiring to me.”

Wouldn’t you just love to spend some time with Rob in his studio?

artshop 2




















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