Ingsbjorg Smith – Scottish Mixed Media Artists

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Ingsbjorg Smith is a Scottish born artist.  This piece, at Bell Fine Arts Gallery, was one of my favorites.  She uses an interesting technique of mixed media.  Wouldn’t you love to take some classes with Ms Smith?  I would.

“She is inspired by the landscape and wildlife surrounding her home in Tain. Her work has been described as “stunning collage landscapes of birds and animals, beautifully evocative, tactile and thoroughly magical. They have a sense of place and time that is beyond their subject, and a spirit that renders them magnetic”.”

Artshop 7 Ingsbjorg Smith

Once again, thank you to Bell Fine Arts gallery in Winchester, UK,  for allowing me to photograph these paintings. Visiting this gallery was one of the highlights of my entire trip to England.  I hope you’ll take advantage of this link.

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