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Art Journal 10

As a followers of Christ, I believe all of us have the ability to be creative.  Why?  It’s in our DNA.  First, our Father is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Second, when He sent Jesus to earth He came with the creative abilities to work as a carpenter, to tell a story, to lead a group, to solve problems.  Creativity flowed out of Jesus.  He didn’t take up brush and paint that we know of, but everything he did was full of ingenuity and creative genius.

Do we, as artists, feel God’s freedom when we create?  Or, do we approach our work resting on our abilities and training alone?

I grew tight with my art. My shoulders became tense. I worried about it being perfect.  Then one day, as I was praying about other matters when the Lord said, “I want you to learn how to play again.”

Life in Christ is not supposed to make your shoulders hurt.

It’s not difficult for little children to pick up a brush and swirl paint across a blank paper – they’re free.  They’re not performance minded, they just enjoy what they’re doing. Then they graduate to creating funny little creatures with seven legs protruding from the chin, green faces with gigantic eyes, scenes with an inch of sky at the top of the page, and trees shaped like rulers with stick fringe on top.  The only tension was when you made them help clean-up!!!

My walls were full of artwork.  I celebrated every drawing, every painting my grandkids produced. I’ll never forget a drawing a little girl in the audience drew while I reading my Teedle’s Treasure book.  After the meeting she presented it to me.  A giant head with uneven eyes, and a very big mouth.  It had a hat on and yellow hair coming from the brim.  “Wow, this is lovely,” I said, “who is this?”  Without hesitation she said, “That’s Teedle’s best friend.”  There was no best friend in the book–just Teedle and her father. This little creator observed that Teedle needed a friend–so she made one.  Precious.

Art Journal - grandma 9We were all creators when we were kids, then something changed.  We became compared our work to others. We judged our own creations and somewhere we decided we couldn’t do it.  We stopped trying and stopped just having fun.

“I want you to learn to play again,” I hear Him say.

So, I put away the tedious art and started ripping paper and gluing it randomly on a canvas.  I didn’t care what anyone else thought–I just played.  It was glorious, and a whole new style was born.

Whenever my shoulders tense up  remind myself, I’M SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING.  The shoulders relax and I end up with my best work.

Why not get your comfy clothes on, and be a kid again.


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