Equipo Sur

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artshop 16 bread

These paintings are signed Equipo Sur – which means Southern Team.  The name represents the combined mastery of two artists who share a love of Realism.  Justo Navas, and Jose’ Antonio Abeger Blanco.  Navas was born in Madrid, Spain, and Abeger Blanco was born in Quito, Ecuador.

They work together on all phases of the painting, planning, preparing the color palette, even painting the stokes on the canvas together.  The drawing is superb, and they aim to “capture the divine in everyday life, using everyday objects to create the poetry of the Old Masters’ still life works.”

artshop16 rose in glass



These masterful artists are academically trained in drawing and painting at the School of Art in Madrid.  They both also studied lithography, printing and engraving.

They were highly influenced by Velazquez, Goya, Jasper JohnsVermeer, Sorolla,  Jackson Pollock and Mies Van der Rohe. (who designed the twin towers).

These photos hardly do the paintings justice.  The rose was almost fragrant and the bread looked like it was ready to eat.  I’m so thankful to Bell Fine Art gallery for allowing me to photograph these beauties to share with you.







artshop 17 apples and flower


Their skill at containers of water in clear glass boggles the imagination.  I especially like the draping gold cloth on the table.

I hope you’ll enjoy clicking on the names referenced above and take your own tour through the world of art.

These paintings give a whole new meaning to the word team. Perhaps CHC will have the opportunity to take the inspiration of Equipo Sur and create our own team art.


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