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believe 4A friend sent this article to me as an encouragement – so I pass it on to you.  God For Artists and Artists For God

Don’t let discouragement render you of none effect.  It’s easy to get discouraged in the creative flow.  It seems, at times, that all your juices are flowing and you are producing like crazy.  Then, like a dimmer switch slowly turning things dark, your creativity dries up and you stop producing.

I’ve discovered a few things that might encourage you.

1.  Understanding the creative wheel. . . 

We can’t produce and produce without rest.  I think if I kept operating at full capacity, like I do at times, I’d eventually blow up!  It’s a wonderful feeling when everything seems to be working and ideas and application emerge.  But, in my experience it doesn’t last.

Before you label yourself bi-polar, understand creativity needs incubation time.  We might be tempted to call it “down” time.  It might be lay-your-brushes-down time, but it doesn’t mean we’re depressed.

We need those times when we lay down our brushes and let creativity incubate inside for a while.  Do something totally different.  Take a walk in nature, clean your house, go out with a friend. These diversions help your batteries recharge.

That being said, there are times when we have to . . .

2. Just keep going . . .

Learning when to rest, and when to press-in, takes experience.  When I’m working on a project and suddenly get stuck, my art buddy will say, “just keep going.”  I’ll often have a breakthrough and end up producing something I really like.

If pressing in, past discouragement, doesn’t start the flow again – it’s time to take a break.

Whatever you do, understand discouragement is an enemy of creativity,  because it renders you unproductive.  As understandable as discouragement might be – it’s not going to help you in any way.

Learning to balance our creativity is an art in itself.  We are “gift” managers.  All our creativity comes from God, so we can be confident He will show us how to be good stewards of that gift.

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