Alcohol Inks – Wonderful Color

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I love alcohol ink!  Have you ever tried them? They’re a little tricky because they behave differently than any other medium. It stains just about anything so you have to protect your surfaces.  However, the Adirondack blending solution also cleans brushes and non-wood surfaces.  (I have those white folding tables in my studio) The colors are fabulous.  I like to use Adirondack inks, but you have to buy them in a set of three and then you end of with extra colors you don’t need.  I use a lot of blue, so I discovered I could buy inks individually when I choose Jacquard Pinata...

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There is a universal language that connects us soul to soul. Like music, art speaks to the heart beyond words. I discovered this during a mission trip to Ukraine. I had the privilege of teaching art at a children’s camp in the Carpathian mountains. Thirty-five out of fifty children signed up for my masterclass, but we had to narrow it down to a more manageable number. They all wanted to have fun with art. Many of the kids were refugees from eastern Ukraine where there is fighting. Many more came from the projects and possibly had no access to paper and paint. I had an interpreter, but...

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A friend sent this article to me as an encouragement – so I pass it on to you.  God For Artists and Artists For God Don’t let discouragement render you of none effect.  It’s easy to get discouraged in the creative flow.  It seems, at times, that all your juices are flowing and you are producing like crazy.  Then, like a dimmer switch slowly turning things dark, your creativity dries up and you stop producing. I’ve discovered a few things that might encourage you. 1.  Understanding the creative wheel. . .  We can’t produce and produce without rest.  I think if I...

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Art – Parked 2014

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This was the first year for the art show at Art Park, Lewiston, NY, just outside of Niagara Falls.  Over fifty artists gathered to show their wares out of the trunk of their cars. This was a first for me and another member of the Creative Hands Community, Cindy Dalton.  We were the pioneers  scouting out this show. Maybe next year the whole bunch of us will go. “How are we going to arrange things?” “It’s getting windy.” The dialogue continued from 9:30, set up time, until we felt the first rain drops at 3:00.  The sale was meant to go until 7:00, but almost...

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