Soon and Very Soon

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We’re getting...

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So, What’s the News?

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There are new things happening at Creative Hands Community. We are in the process of moving our location 50ft east! We are building a whole new studio in my garage. This garage has been a pottery studio, a little country gift shop, a homeschool art room, a recording studio, and a practice place for my son’s band. Now we are changing it permanently into my art studio, where I hope to have classes and even a women’s Bible Study. The problem remaining is my driveway. We are considering what to do. Arched ceiling, insulated floor for our feet, lots of great lighting . . . What a...

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CHC Emerge Conference

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“I’ve never tried anything like this before,” she said. Three hours later she held up her mixed media piece and the class listened as she shared what had inspired her. One woman broke into tears as she shared her art-story, “it’s been three years since my husband died, and . . . it’s been so hard.” The women in the class gathered around, enveloping her with hugs and encouragement. It was an unplanned moment of healing. Each woman used the SAME supplies, the SAME silhouette of a woman (drawn by one of our members, Cindy Dalton), and every piece turned...

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