Getting Out of the Doldrums

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Part of being an artist is learning to handle the “down” times when you feel no inspiration. That’s the time to put aside some of the challenging work and have a breather. Here are some things I do to get out of the creative doldrums: 1. Un-clutter Piles build up around my work area. Sketches from old projects, odd materials, pencils get mixed in with the paints . . . you get the idea. Un-cluttering helps clear my mind so I can refocus. Sometimes rearranging my studio is helpful. If you have the luxury, just moving the position of my table can do it. My husband used to...

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Perhaps A Touch of Magic?

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in general | 0 comments

  “If it ain’t broke . . . don’t fix it,” I always say. There are certain things that just ‘work’ in my studio.  Sure more sophisticated supplies exist on the market, but some things just can’t be replaced.  Perhaps it’s sentiment, or superstition,  who knows? My green cup. It would be easier to work with a larger water container, but this cup has history, and perhaps a touch of magic. My cat likes it too.  Luckily, I have two identical cups: 1. for paint water, 2. for Scarlet, the rescue cat. I had one apron that got so heavy with paint...

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