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Ingsbjorg Smith – Scottish Mixed Media Artists

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Ingsbjorg Smith is a Scottish born artist.  This piece, at Bell Fine Arts Gallery, was one of my favorites.  She uses an interesting technique of mixed media.  Wouldn’t you love to take some classes with Ms Smith?  I would. “She is inspired by the landscape and wildlife surrounding her home in Tain. Her work has been described as “stunning collage landscapes of birds and animals, beautifully evocative, tactile and thoroughly magical. They have a sense of place and time that is beyond their subject, and a spirit that renders them magnetic”.” Once again, thank you to Bell...

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Equipo Sur

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These paintings are signed Equipo Sur – which means Southern Team.  The name represents the combined mastery of two artists who share a love of Realism.  Justo Navas, and Jose’ Antonio Abeger Blanco.  Navas was born in Madrid, Spain, and Abeger Blanco was born in Quito, Ecuador. They work together on all phases of the painting, planning, preparing the color palette, even painting the stokes on the canvas together.  The drawing is superb, and they aim to “capture the divine in everyday life, using everyday objects to create the poetry of the Old Masters’ still life...

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London Artists – Rob Van Hoek

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The highlight of my trip was walking into a local art gallery in Winchester.  I was hunting for the current “masters” and happily found a few at Bell Fine Art Gallery.   I asked the store clerk if I could photograph the pictures to show to my art community, happily she agreed. Rob Van Hoek is a Dutch landscape painter with a wonderfully unique, contemporary expression.  These pictures unfortunately do not capture the rich tones and texture of his paintings. He shares his method:  “On the canvas I put at least 5 or 6 layers of white, gesso-like paint.  The brush strokes...

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“You have to paint everyday . . .”

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Beautiful Sonnenberg Gardens, Canandaigua, NY, hosted the 2014 Finger Lakes Plein Air Completion exhibit.  The lush grounds of Sonnenberg Mansion is a winning canvas all by itself.  Working artists dotted the grounds.  People gathered to watch them working.  It was exciting to see true masters in the process of creating. The pictures below are from the atrium exhibit which was a two-hour start to finish competition.  It was amazing to see what these experts could produce in just two hours.  I was in awe. Vincent Crotty “…an Irish-born artist living in Boston.  regarded for his...

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