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So, What’s the News?

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There are new things happening at Creative Hands Community. We are in the process of moving our location 50ft east! We are building a whole new studio in my garage. This garage has been a pottery studio, a little country gift shop, a homeschool art room, a recording studio, and a practice place for my son’s band. Now we are changing it permanently into my art studio, where I hope to have classes and even a women’s Bible Study. The problem remaining is my driveway. We are considering what to do. Arched ceiling, insulated floor for our feet, lots of great lighting . . . What a...

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A New Project for 2016

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Years ago I published a little booklet called, Teedle’s Treasure.  Following that was A Gift For Teedle.  Now I’m in the process of illustrating the third book, Teedle’s Good-bye.  Remarkably, Teedle’s Good-bye is about loss and grief.  This was long before I lost my husband, Bill.  So, I wasn’t personally acquainted with grief at the time.  Now that I understand, surprisingly I won’t change a thing. My project for this year is to combine these three booklets into one book and include some colored pictures along with the black and white ink drawings...

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Getting Out of the Doldrums

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Part of being an artist is learning to handle the “down” times when you feel no inspiration. That’s the time to put aside some of the challenging work and have a breather. Here are some things I do to get out of the creative doldrums: 1. Un-clutter Piles build up around my work area. Sketches from old projects, odd materials, pencils get mixed in with the paints . . . you get the idea. Un-cluttering helps clear my mind so I can refocus. Sometimes rearranging my studio is helpful. If you have the luxury, just moving the position of my table can do it. My husband used to...

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A friend sent this article to me as an encouragement – so I pass it on to you.  God For Artists and Artists For God Don’t let discouragement render you of none effect.  It’s easy to get discouraged in the creative flow.  It seems, at times, that all your juices are flowing and you are producing like crazy.  Then, like a dimmer switch slowly turning things dark, your creativity dries up and you stop producing. I’ve discovered a few things that might encourage you. 1.  Understanding the creative wheel. . .  We can’t produce and produce without rest.  I think if I...

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Perhaps A Touch of Magic?

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  “If it ain’t broke . . . don’t fix it,” I always say. There are certain things that just ‘work’ in my studio.  Sure more sophisticated supplies exist on the market, but some things just can’t be replaced.  Perhaps it’s sentiment, or superstition,  who knows? My green cup. It would be easier to work with a larger water container, but this cup has history, and perhaps a touch of magic. My cat likes it too.  Luckily, I have two identical cups: 1. for paint water, 2. for Scarlet, the rescue cat. I had one apron that got so heavy with paint...

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