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art parked 2

This was the first year for the art show at Art Park, Lewiston, NY, just outside of Niagara Falls.  Over fifty artists gathered to show their wares out of the trunk of their cars.

This was a first for me and another member of the Creative Hands Community, Cindy Dalton.  We were the pioneers  scouting out this show. Maybe next year the whole bunch of us will go.

“How are we going to arrange things?”

“It’s getting windy.”

art parkedThe dialogue continued from 9:30, set up time, until we felt the first rain drops at 3:00.  The sale was meant to go until 7:00, but almost everyone cleared out early.

My big paintings spend more time face down on the grass because of the wind. Finally, drenched, we packed up and drove home.

art parked 3Cindy had some beautiful pieces.  She framed her tiny, acrylic canvases in beautiful shadow-box like frames.  They were gorgeous.  She sold several paintings and had the first sale of the day.

It was interesting to see how other artists set up their things.  It was a very creative bunch.

We had a fair number of lookers for a first-year show.  Next year will be even better.

The best part for me was meeting two women from the Buffalo area.  “You’re sure whimsical!”  one said approaching my display.  She was an art teacher and had some encouraging critique.   They were great fun to talk to.  The piece that caught the most smiles was a $2.00 laminated poem I wrote and illustrated:  Twas the Night Before Weigh-in!

“This is going on my frig.”

I sold several prints, notecards and a couple of my children’s books.

art parked 4Art shows can be a drag when the weather doesn’t co-operate, but we had a ball.

The hero of the day was Cindy’s husband, Wade.  He led the way and helped with the heavy lifting.  Thanks Wade.




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