Alcohol Inks – Wonderful Color

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ink-tangleI love alcohol ink!  Have you ever tried them? They’re a little tricky because they behave differently than any other medium. It stains just about anything so you have to protect your surfaces.  However, the Adirondack blending solution also cleans brushes and non-wood surfaces.  (I have those white folding tables in my studio)

The colors are fabulous.  I like to use Adirondack inks, but you have to buy them in a set of three and then you end of with extra colors you don’t need.  I use a lot of blue, so I discovered I could buy inks individually when I choose Jacquard Pinata inks.

They have a wide assortment and they last a long time.  The Jacquard inks react very differently than the Adirondack inks, but it doesn’t take long to figure it out.

It’s fun to try a variety of  surfaces.  I like the hard canvas boards because the texture shows through, but I’ve also used clay-boards, plexiglass and mixed-media paper.

Adirondack also has a blending solution that is wonderful.  I like to drop color, then drop the blending solution on top, and watch it spread.

I’m sure there’s volumes I don’t know about alcohol ink, but it’s fun to try new things. I’d love to hear what you do with ink.



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