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DSC00674 This old suitcase was a goldish tan fabric with leather trim.  The inside was really beat up, but the outside was in good shape, so I decided to try giving it a facelift.  I thought it would be a great display piece for my stationary sales.

First I painted it with gesso, then added some swipes of acrylic paint using a credit card.

DSC03683Then I decided to go with a little farmhouse theme. I used colored paper, vintage stationary, waterproof pens, newsprint, and sheet music.

I applied it all with Mod Podge.  When all the paper was applied to my liking, I went back and drew details with my waterproof, black pen.


DSC03679I lined the inside with fabric and a few buttons and . . . a perfect display piece for my stationary.

Having a good looking display is paramount when showing your hand-dids.

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DSC03690 DSC03684DSC03689 DSC03687


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  1. This is an inspirational project! Thanks for posting it. I’ve got some wooden boxes that might work as a base also.

    • Yes, wooden boxes work great – especially small ones. Are you going to do one? Let me see the finished project. Marji

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