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Uk. Art class 1There is a universal language that connects us soul to soul. Like music, art speaks to the heart beyond words. I discovered this during a mission trip to Ukraine.

I had the privilege of teaching art at a children’s camp in the Carpathian mountains. Thirty-five out of fifty children signed up for my masterclass, but we had to narrow it down to a more manageable number. They all wanted to have fun with art. Many of the kids were refugees from eastern Ukraine where there is fighting. Many more came from the projects and possibly had no access to paper and paint.

I had an interpreter, but it was still challenging to communicate ideas so I just showed them. Our language was color and paper and paint.

Uk art class 2The first day was watercolor fun. The children attempted to make the designs I showed them with watercolor and scrunching plastic wrap, but the wind blew the plastic away and paints dried too quickly.The kids had never seen plastic wrap. It never occurred to me that they would have no way of continuing with what I taught. A few had success, some were disappointed, but everyone had fun.

The second day I simplified everything, gave them each a pre-made blank book and colored pencils. They were to draw their adventures at camp. They were so quiet you could hear every bird chirping in the trees. The time flew. class 3The third day we finished our books. I must say I had some grand illusions of my master art class. But honestly, the biggest hit were the sticker books I brought! I taught them how to draw a tree (and they were amazing) then they elected to cover the branches with little sticker owls and blooms. Funny.

One lovely young woman had some real talent. She observed me drawing a tree and created her own flawlessly, adding the balloons that were hanging in the trees by their tents. I loved hers the best.

Uk. Sasha 1A woman at the camp asked me if I had some time for her. She had brought her entire portfolio of art to show me. What a delight. I did have several hours and her English was superior. I’m so glad I met her. I’ll be sharing more of her pictures later, but here’s a sample of the work she does. Her name is Sasha.

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