A New Project for 2016

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Years ago I published a little booklet called, Teedle’s Treasure.  Following that was A Gift For Teedle.  Now I’m in the process of illustrating the third book, Teedle’s Good-bye.  Remarkably, Teedle’s Good-bye is about loss and grief.  This was long before I lost my husband, Bill.  So, I wasn’t personally acquainted with grief at the time.  Now that I understand, surprisingly I won’t change a thing.

My project for this year is to combine these three booklets into one book and include some colored pictures along with the black and white ink drawings throughout the book. They will be done in mixed media: torn antique papers, ink and acrylic.  There’s a ways to go yet, but I thought I’d share my progress.



I used antique song books, tinted with acrylics or watercolor for the stripped background.  Then I used a heavier paper for the tree and branches giving it a slight raised look.


This one is done for A Gift For Teedle.

This is only one of the farmhouse pictures I did and actually chose a different one for the book. This will be in Teedle’s Treasure section.

Teedle's farm

Fun projects in 2016. What are you up to?

teedle w treasusres





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